My bucket list

Keeping busy and ensuring I make the most of my life is something I have always strived for. Over the years I have had a draft ‘bucket list’ of things I knew I wanted to do in my lifetime. This has grown and continues to grow as I meet new people and learn about what else the world has to offer!


The list!

What / Where Why
Hike the Pacific Crest Trail in Orgeon, USA I was inspired by the movie (which was based on a novel) “Wild”
Ice Fishing on one of the many lakes in Canada I have read about this in a couple of novels recently (ironically they were all crime novels) and the idea really appeals to me. It is also a bit risky and you have to trust that the ice is thick enough!
Deep sea fishing It looks like such a challenge and a bit different to the fishing I have done before in Queensland!
Fly fishing I told someone it looked easy and after that comment it is only fair I give it a go. Now I have thought it through, I don’t think it could be that easy to actually *catch* the fish!
Hike – Lake Louise, Banff, Lake Moraine in Alberta, Canada To experience the beauty of the province of Alberta
Calgary Stampede, Alberta Because…cowboys!
Vacation in Mexico Amazing food and culture
Cuba Because I want to see it before it is ruined by outside influences
Northern Lights, Iceland To appreciate nature
Take a cruise through the Greek Islands To appreciate nature
Hike Cradle Mountain, Tasmania To appreciate what Tasmania has to offer!
Drive the Big Sur, California The rugged beauty of this coastline is something others have raved about
Drive Route 66, USA Because it’s a must-do!
Live in a foreign country I want to give it a go and see what happens!
Learn how to fly a plane I have a rich family history in aviation and I feel this would make my family proud