Late Fall and early Winter in Toronto

Earl Bales Park 

Earl Bales Park 

Earl Bales Park 

Earl Bales Park 



20171208_16010520171209_12472420171209_12523520171209_12541520171209_13361620171216_09595220171219_19255820171219_19532820171223_11493020171223_11501020171223_11571020171223_12053220171223_12070820171223_12095220171223_150332I have settled into my new home and surprisingly (or not so much, for those who know how much I love the cold!) am thoroughly enjoying the weather.

When the first snow fell on 12th December, I was almost unable to contain my excitement. There is something so beautiful about the white flakes that fall from the sky, floating down to settle on the ground. It is mesmerizing. One night I went to bed and the ground was clear; the next I woke up and there was a white sheet over all the buildings and ground below.

Toronto does Christmas well. Really well, actually. I had time to spare in the leadup to the big day and so spent a lot of time walking around the downtown area and looking at all the Christmas trees and other decorations. There was a lot of music and I enjoyed hearing the carolers singing the classics. Even though I was away from my family, I felt joy in these experiences.

I have been fortunate to have been introduced to some incredible people who have made my first few months a special time amd have become my friends. I spent time with many of these people in the lead-up to Christmas and also on the day itself. I was so grateful that everyone included me.

Over the past few days the temperature has plummeted, with warnings being issued about the danger of being out in the elements. Last night the temperature dropped to -24 degrees Celsius overnight and this wasn’t even taking into account the wind chill, which is quite fierce (coming off the lake)! I feel fortunate to have a place to call home, which has heating and where I feel quite comfortable and cosy. My heart goes out to those who are not so fortunate, but I am glad that the city seems to ensure there are safe areas for the homeless to go for a hot meal or accommodation.


5 thoughts on “Late Fall and early Winter in Toronto

  1. Nice way to cool down reading your blog Dianne. Loving your pics. Such a contrast to our festive season weather. Woodford was scorching but very pleasant now as we are on our RV near Stanthorpe. Love being in the road again. Happy New Year Dianne. Keep having the best of times! Xo

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  2. Toronto colour photos of are beaut Dianne . Gee ! a multitude of Snow & Ice , Part of Lake Ontario looks to be frozen over !

    Love , Mandy & John x o 😊 😊


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