My next adventure

The five weeks I spent abroad in Europe earlier this year reignited my desire to discover what else this wonderful World has to offer.

In two and a half weeks’ time I will be en route to Toronto, Canada, where I have been able to secure a two year working visa. I am so excited about this experience and the opportunities that await me.

The Canadians I know are incredible people, so I can’t wait to land and meet more of them!

When I arrive on 23rd October  (my 30th birthday!) the temperature is forecast to be mostly sunny with a high of 12ºC and low of 7ºC. Periods of snow are expected on 12 November with a high that day of 3ºC and low of -1ºC, only to get colder from then with 21 December being the first day of Winter! 🤤

I have accommodation planned for my first month in Toronto and during this time will find my feet and a location to live.

The last few weeks have been emotional as I will be leaving behind so many wonderful friends and family. I hope that circumstances will allow me to return for visits and also hope friends and family are able to come over and visit me!

Whilst I am in North America I am certainly going to take the opportunity to travel and discover new places. I am in the midst of preparing a bucket list, which I will share with you all in due course. I am open to suggestions, so please pass those on!

Di xoxo

6 thoughts on “My next adventure

  1. Fantastic news Dianne, so pleased to hear everything has worked out for you. Life is very short so although it will be painful initially, trust me you will start to love your new environment very quickly, and remember this, family and true friends will always be there for you, and probably in the same place doing the same job! Mark my words I have experienced it on a number of occasions.

    Good luck and all the very best on your new venture.

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  2. How exciting Dianne! This is the time of your life when you should be doing these things. Canada is beautiful and I have skied there quite a few times. There are so many wonderful places to go to in America. One of my favourites is skiing in Aspen. A truly beautiful town. Safe travels and looking forward to following your blog. Best wishes Marta PS Danni and Ashley are currently in Bulgaria climbing and paragliding. They bought a van and planning on travelling around in that for a couple of years

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    1. Hi Marta, thank you for your message. I am inspired by Danni’s travels – it sounds as though she is keeping busy and seeing amazing parts of the world! I will definitely add Aspen to my list of places to visit.


  3. Hi Di, time is flying by, I can’t believe it’s only 2.5weeks before you take-off on the trip of a lifetime. 2 years will fly especially for you who will be on the hop every chance you get. Chris, Henry and I wish you a safe journey and all that is good in this world. You are a ray of sunshine and have been a good friend to us and we will miss you dearly. Now get out there and enjoy ❤️

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    1. Hi Kerrie, those are such kind words. I can’t believe how quickly the time has flown since I made my decision, but I’m finding that’s the way life goes! I will certainly miss the three of you as well, but look forward to your visit when I’m settled! 🙂 xx


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