….until next time

I am settling back into the usual way of life in Brisbane. I am not sure if it was because I was on holiday, or because I feel more functional in a colder climate… but I have really found it hard to do anything in this heat.

Thank you to those who have followed my latest journey. I hope you have enjoyed reading my stories and that some of them gave you a laugh!

I have compiled a few lists (I like lists) which are largely to remind me what I could improve upon for next time:-

Favourite place: Triberg, Germany

Most exciting day: When Steve and I went on a drive along the windy roads in The Lake District and finished i with a mini pub crawl in proper English pubs. This is tied with my first day driving on the German roads in an E-Class Mercedes.

Worst Moment: Being stuck at the Ice Station in below freezing temperatures;

Worst Day: One of my days in Krakow, as it was so cold (-25°C) that despite feeling warm on my body with all the appropriate clothing, I could not do as much sight seeing as I had hoped to because breathing was hard work! I love wandering around cities and discovering quaint cafes and places to see, but I could not do any of that in Krakow.

Where would I have liked to spend more time: London, Munich, Hamburg, Triberg.

Lessons I have learned and want to remember for next time:-

  • In Winter there is no need for any more than two shirts and one pair of pants. If you need more, buy them over there, but it is so unlikely you will need more than this. Note however that thermal layers are still important but also light so easy to travel with;
  • Take a small suitcase for carry-on luggage (that fits snugly on top of the cabin baggage so when walking you only need to wheel one bag around) rather than a backpack. In a backpack, it is hard to find anything and it ends up getting too heavy.

What I am glad I did/had:-

  • Took herbal supplements and multivitamins everyday to make sure that when I wasn’t getting a balanced diet, I was still healthy (plus it probably kept me from getting more sick than I did;
  • Purchased good quality Icebreaker thermals of various thicknesses. These were amazing and kept me warm the whole time…. even at the Ice Station !
  • Had good quality shoes. When you are on your feet all day you need to have feet that feel good!
  • Thick socks. I hear it is awful having cold feet… I cannot confirm nor deny this, as my feet were toasty and warm!
  • A German simcard. I was going to rely on wifi, but for the small amount of €20 I didn’t feel quite so isolated.

It is quite amazing that we are now able to travel 16,000km in 22 hours when 100 years ago we had only just started dabbling in aeroplane travel.

Unfortunately, despite this great opportunity it is still incredibly unpleasant travelling such long distances. I have heard that the Boeing Dreamliner has cabin air pressure equivalent to an altitude of 6,000 feet whereas on other planes it is equivalent to 8,000 feet. This means that on the new Dreamliner your body doesn’t have to work as hard to get more oxygen in the blood (or something along those lines).

Unfortunately it won’t be a while until I have another substantial holiday, as I have gone into negative Annual Leave territory. Very depressing thought, but it means I have longer to plan my next trip!

If you have any ideas of where that should be to, I look forward to hearing from you!
Here is a photo from my hometown. It is insanely hot here at the moment.

4 thoughts on “….until next time

  1. glad you’re home safe and sound sweetie, and very happy that you have created priceless memories. Great idea to document these lovely thoughts. ( bit like your darling Nanna did 🙂 Still miss her… Always will. Love Cathy xx

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  2. What a lovely ending Darl, almost made me cry reading it, I know there will be plenty more holidays ahead for you and I look forward to sharing them with you again. xXx


  3. Have loved your incredibly interesting blog Dianne. You are a talented writer. Keep travelling. It’s the best gift that you can give yourself. Daniela and her husband are heading off to Europe on 30th May for 2 years to travel and work. Good excuse to make more trips over there. Looking forward to reading about your next trip.

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