Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

On our way back to London we stopped at Stratford-upon-Avon, the town where Shakespeare was born and grew up. It was a gorgeous town and we did wish we had longer here. We spent time in the old schoolhouse building and even saw the school room  where Shakespeare went for 7 years. There was another interesting room which is where HIs Royal Highness Prince Charles visited a few years ago, and where he had carved the letters “HRH” into one of the desks.

“William Shakespeare’s schoolroom, along with the town’s ancient fifteenth century Guildhall, has recently undergone a major restoration project and is now open for the first time to the public as a heritage attaction in the heart of historic Stratford-upon-Avon.

Shakespeare’s Schoolroom and Guildhall provides the missing chapter in the story of Shakespeare’s early life in Stratford – his education and his inspiration to act and write.

Visitors can experience the very room where Shakespeare was educated and inspired to become the world’s greatest playwright. They can also learn about the extraordinary history of the ancient Guildhall and its part in the civic history of the town.

With over 600 years of involvement in the key social and religious aspects of the town, including Shakespeare’s father John, who played a leading role in the council that met therein – you can be sure that there are plenty of stories to uncover in this significant building.

An engaging, interactive and fun visitor experience including soundscapes, projections, films and interpretive panels awaits, with actors on hand with many anecdotes to bring Shakespeare’s story and those of the Guildhall to life.

Built in 1420, The Guildhall, described by historian and broadcaster, Michael Wood, as ‘one of the most atmospheric, magical and important buildings in the whole of Britain’, is one of only a dozen surviving examples of a late medieval provincial Guildhall.  It is home to a series of extremely rare medieval wall paintings, showing the seal of the Guild of the Holy Cross. ”

We had coffee and a piece of Lemon Drizzle cake before we got back into the car ready for the final leg of our journey to the great Bexleyheath, where we would spend the last days of our holiday.



2 thoughts on “Stratford-Upon-Avon, England

    1. Hi Diane, it was beautiful and we wished we had more time there. It is possible and quite likely that they have shows, but we did not see or hear anything about this in the limited time we were there.

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