Munich, Germany to Gatwick, London

I was driven to the airport on Sunday around midday, after a lazy start to the day. The family are obviously very busy during the week with work and school, therefore it makes sense that on weekends breakfast is a more casual affair and those who wish to, can sleep in for as long as they want.

I was again sad to leave the family I had stayed with, as they were so kind and hospitable making me feel like I was at home. Next time will come around quickly again, I am sure!

After landing I met up with Steve and we drove to dinner at a gorgeous English pub called The Lion which was in Dartford. The pub is an impressive building with 16th century red brick.

We met Steve’s friends from school at the pub, C & K as well as R. It was lovely to meet them and it was kind they made the effort on a Sunday night.

Considering it was a Sunday, many opted for a Sunday roast – even me! No, I didn’t decide to eat meat; I was given a Vegetarian option, even with Vegetarian gravy! Not what I expected from an English pub (although I was mighty impressed!)

The Lion

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