Triberg to Munich – Germany

I stopped to have some lunch at a rest house and there were many gourmet meals to choose from, including this rather large portion of Mushroom Spatzle!

Upstairs at rest house
Even dogs are catered for in the rest houses!

I even got to go sledding at Mittelstetten!!

Triberg was such a gorgeous town to visit that I felt sad about leaving the village. There was so much more that I would have liked to have discovered but which will have to wait until another time.

I had around a four hour drive and was once again mesmerized driving out of the Black Forest. The windy roads at times made me feel like I was at Mt Glorious near Brisbane. The snow gave away the fact that it was a different location, though!

A bit more than halfway to Munich and just past Stuttgart, I stopped at a rest house in Gruibingen. This was a very traditional rest house which had obviously been renovated in the past five or so years.  It looked quite modern and the facilities were very good. Rather than fast food, there was a restaurant serving wholesome meals and drinks. I ordered Champignon Spatzle, which is a German noodle/pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce. The portion was massive and I could only eat 1/3 of the noodles (but all the mushrooms). It was rather delicious!

The toilets at this rest house were very well maintained and extremely clean. It cost €0.70 to use the toilet but then you received a voucher for €0.50 off food or drink. As per most of Germany dogs were permitted inside and had a special area for their doggy kibble and a water bowl. Very cute but also essential, as so many Europeans travel with their canine friend!

Driving into Munich was fine. I really would have been lost without Gloria the GPS! It was so convenient to be able to set directions and to include things like a service station close to the destination. The only problem with Mariah the Merc was the fact that I became a snob… I even spoke down about a Toyota driver and their driving ability !!!!!

When I arrived in Munich I parked at the Europcar… it was really quite obvious that where I had stopped wasn’t really a main park, but as their signage was so useless I started unpacking. A security guard came over after a while to tell me that I was parked in the emergency vehicle zone. Oops!

Mr. V. picked me up and we drove for about 40 minutes to the family home in Mittelstetten. It was so lovely arriving and seeing Mrs. V and Master V.  The two Miss V’s arrived home from school a little bit later on. It was great to catch up after three years. Their English had improved immensely, and my German had deteriorated. Oops!

On the Friday Mrs V and I were at home by ourselves whilst the others went to work and school. We had a lovely breakfast together and then went for a walk. We first traipsed through the forest (covered in snow, in which we could see the footprints of wild deer and rabbits) then stopped by the house of a neighbour who has pet deer. We fed them some vegetable scraps which they very heistantly tiptoed over to sample. Their cautious ways were cute!

A walk around the village followed and when we returned it was time to prepare for lunch and the return from school of Master V. Miss. V1 and 2 returned later, then Mr. V. For dinner that night we had homemade pizza (and homemade pizza base) which was so very tasty!

We had a relatively early night in preparation for our road trip the following day (Europeans seem to be able to operate on less sleep and usually retire after 11pm!)

2 thoughts on “Triberg to Munich – Germany

  1. You can see Dianne why I have to exercise 2 hours a day being married to an Austrian chef! These are the kind of meals he prepares every day!
    Loving your photos!

    Liked by 1 person

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