Berlin to Munich Part 2 (Leipzig to Bamberg)

Leipzig was gorgeous this morning with a thick white blanket of snow covering the ground when I awoke. Mariah the Merc was thankfully undercover, so I didn’t have to figure out what on earth I need to do to a car covered in snow. (I am assuming get in and go isn’t the right answer!)

I had a good time driving today and often caught myself smiling, thinking just how beautiful this world is and how lucky I am to experience it. I drove through some snow storms today which were quite scary! I had my phone docked on the windscreen and caught pretty much everything in video  – hyperlapse or normal video.  It is quite cool to look at!
Starting my day off  – from the hotel in Leipzig to the autobahn

Hyperlapse driving on the autobahn

From Münchberg-Süd turnoff on the autobahn

Shopping at the “Globus” shopping centre:

Flowers are so cheap!
Soooo much cheese.
Atlanta Hotel Leipzig on Sunday morning
Breakfast buffet at Atlanta Hotel
Breakfast buffet at Atlanta Hotel
View from my room at the Atlanta Hotel

Clearly there is nowhere near enough butter on this bagel!

My hotel in Bamberg

Some of the “Typical Franconian” delicacies available. I steered clear and opted for goats cheese cooked in a wonton with salad. Not Franconian… not sure where it originates! The wine and strudel were delicious 😄

Winter Wonderland

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