Journey from Hamburg to Berlin

This morning I said “Tschüss” to the children as they made their ways to school or kindergarten  (bike / dropped off). Whilst there was a language barrier, it was so lovely getting to meet the children and spend time with them. We tried to communicate with each other – sometimes successfully, but in all actions became more important than words.

Mrs. G kindly drove me to the local train station for the next leg of my journey – travelling to Berlin. The trains in Germany are so well run. It is easy to catch the trains and everything is logical.

  • I journeyed from Hamburg to Berlin by “ICE” (InterCiy Express) train;
  • The ICE connects all major cities in Germany (and beyond to Switzerland, France, The Netherlands and Denmark);
  • Speeds of up to 300km/hr;
  • The train cost me 70 euros and a tip I would give to anyone travelling to Germany – get the Deutsche Bahn app and book tickets early. I did not realise that the price can change, so was factoring for 40 Euros which was the price shown on the website last night. You live and learn! 😊

Within 20 minutes of leaving Hamburg Hauptbahnhof (central station) there was snow! It got more heavy and even more beautiful as we travelled towards Berlin.

I thoroughly enjoy travelling by train. It is so interesting gazing out the window and watching the world go by. I often sit there and wonder what is going on in the small villages we pass through at our high speeds… who lives there and what do they do?

Berlin Hauptbahnhof is massive but (un)surprisingly very organised (most of Germany is!) I have purchased a German simcard mostly for internet access and used this to call an uber, mainly for the novelty of catching one in a foreign country! It was snowing quite heavily outside, although not horribly cold – only about 2 degrees – and after waiting for 15 minutes (despite the arrival time being 6 minutes) I cancelled the uber. I am not sure what was going on, but the idea was a bit silly as there were around 20 taxi’s waiting at the main door.

Driving through the streets was an experience. Everyone drives slowly for safety in the snow, as tyres do slip and I felt that a few times in my Mercedes Taxi.

My hotel is nice and seems to be in a good location. When everything is blanketed in snow however it does become quite a challenge for one to actually ascertain what is around them!

Tomorrow I will adventure and report back on my Berlin findings!

I hope all at home are safe in the heatwave.

Bye Volksdorf!

Hamburg Hbf

Checking out the yummy food that I won’t be eating

Berlin Hbf
View from my hotel

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