Krakow, Poland – Part 1

My first night in Krakow was spent in my favourite hotel of the trip so far – Andel’s by Vienna House. The room was amazing and the service was impeccable.

I was a bit shaken up by my experience with the Ice Station; however also found it emotional coming into Poland by rail. The railways here, like the country itself, have seen some horrible things.

I had originally considered getting an overnight train from Prague to Krakow, however opted for a day trip and thus had to make a last minute hotel booking.  The place I had booked for the following  nights was fully booked.

I have actually not been feeling very well and have been fighting something for a few days now. I suppose that is what happens when after a massive year one jumps straight into a holiday! I have been taking multivitamins etc and eating really well, but alas I had to succumb and started taking antibiotics yesterday. Hopefully whatever it is passes soon. I will be visiting friends and family shortly and do not want to be sick when I stay with them!

Andel’s by Vienna House
Andel’s by Vienna House
Andel’s by Vienna House
Apparently there is a big drinking culture here… something to do with alcohol being less expensive than water! 😄
Tree outside the hotel. Christmas markets also in the area (but only a few left open).
Galeria Krakowski – main shopping mall right next to hotel. So many cakes!
More cakes!
Walking through town to hotel #2
Main square
St Mary’s Basilica

What I look like walking around. My massive neckwarmer is so good but I do meep getting fluff in my mouth!

Frying goat’s cheese. I tried some last night and it was tasty, but incredibly salty. I couldn’t stomach it. When the locals are dressed like that you know it is cold
Cold Polish pigeon.
No shortage of food at the fair! I am not sure if the fair was for Epiphany or Christmas Markets.

Lovely room in new hotel. Set up like an apartment. Not my favourite place. The girls on reception are a bit lackadaisical. I suppose I have been treates like royalty up until now so I have got used to being called “ma’am”.

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