Overnight train from Budapest to Prague

So as to ensure there were no mix ups, I arrived at Budapest Keleti Station a few hours before my train was due to depart. I was permitted access to the Business Lounge which was nice and toasty and had lots of snacks and water. I decided to rehydrate (which wasn’t the best plan as I had to get up three times during the night; however this did mean that I was able to see a few sights!)

My room was very comfortable and the ticket was well priced. I reserved my seat online a few months ago but could only purchase the physical ticket at the train station on departure. 

There were about 10 sleeper cabins in the carriage I was in. Each can sleep up to three. I had a small basin but had to walk down the hall for use of a toilet.

A few times during the night I woke up either because we were going really fast, or because a carriage was being detached  (one was destined for Berlin). I enjoyed looking out the window, especially when I spotted snow!

Prague doesn’t feel as cold at the moment as Budapest did when I left, but there is snow do Prague is currently pretty high in my list of favourite places. 😁

Keleti Station Budapest
Business lounge Budapest
My train
Sleeper carriage hall with cabins on the right
Cabin sink
Very secure cabin door
Surprisingly comfortable bed
Bratislava, Slovakia

My hotel!

A video from the train when we were nearing Prague  

Something I forgot to mention about Budapest in earlier posts was about the smoking culture. Everyone smokes. At first I thought perhaps I had that impression only because I was outside where the smokers had to be. But no, they really do all smoke. I actually felt quite sick at the end of the days from smoke inhalation 😫

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