Budapest, Hungary – Part 3

Cauliflower? Budapest
Árpád(c. 845 – c. 907) was the head of the confederation of the Hungarian tribes at the turn of the 9th and 10th centuries. He might have been either the sacred ruler or kende of the Hungarians, or their military leader or gyula, although most details of his life are debated by historians, because different sources contain contradictory information. Despite this, many Hungarians refer to him as the “founder of our country”, and Árpád’s preeminent role in the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian Basin has been emphasized by some later chronicles. The dynasty descending from Árpád ruled the Kingdom of Hungary until 1301. This building probably bears no historical significance but may have been built by an avid follower.
Vigadó Concert Hall built in 1865
Great Market Hall
I found a Govindas in Budapest!
Pesti Ferences Templom
Epic vanilla slice. Dad I was going to get a piece for you but didn’t think it would last! 😁

I am really enjoying my stay in Budapest. The temperature has plummeted to  highs of -2°C during the day and I am thinking that in Prague I will need to wear yet another layer of thermals! To date and before today I have not felt cold anywhere other than my hands and face. Today I felt cold all over, despite wearing two layers on my legs and five layers on top. Yes, I feel the cold! I am considering wearing my ski gloves. Because I have been so rugged up I have had a really good time, but it would be so horrible without the right clothing.

There are a lot of people sleeping in the Metro whi h is very sad. In saying that, they all have really big warm looking jackets which is of some comfort.

The city is hustling and bustling all the time. At first I thought Hungarians were not friendly, because they didn’t smile. I have now realised that either (a) I thought I was smiling but because my face was numb from the cold and I actually wasn’t, or (b) they can’t smile back as their faces are numb too.

The hotel I have been staying at is very lovely. It was also a bit pricey so I would have expected nothing less! (I wasn’t planning on paying for a hotel, as I was originally going to be bunking  with other Topdeckers. This plan changed early on in the piece).

The food here is good and also quite cheap. As with most of Europe they do seem to have an obsession with pastries so I have taken to buying yoghurt and muesli at supermarkets for breakfast. A pastry a day probably won’t keep the doctor away 😉.

Inside St Stephen’s Basilica

The XE currency app is fantastic. When dealing with a currency like Forints, which can be a bit difficult to get your head around, it sure is useful to have a currency converter that will work offline. (See screenshot below):-

I am going to be travelling to my next location by overnight train which will be an experience! Photos to follow…

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