Mittelstetten to Munich

This morning I woke early to say goodbye to my relatives, who I had spent a wonderful couple of days with in their gorgeous home in Mittelstetten, Bavaria, Germany. 

It was so kind of them to host me and I enjoyed every moment with them. My German may have slightly improved (in the sense that I now say the few words in the foreign vocabulary with the correct accent), but I know they all got a lot of English practice in. Even Mr. D (7) tested a few sentences which was very impressive. Miss. K (10), who in the beginning had a lot of trouble understanding me and didn’t converse in English, was on my last day having conversations with me, explaining the games that she and her friends play in the woods around their house. Miss. R (14) has been learning English for a couple of years and was fluent. It is evident that the German school’s have a very high expectation of their students in regards to languages, because she spoke my native tongue so well! Obviously Mr and Mrs V had impeccable English! It is a shame that I didn’t have time before my holiday to learn a bit more German, but there’s always next time!

The children and Mr. V left for school early in the morning so we had our goodbyes then. Mrs. V and I then had breakfast before heading to the local markets to do some shopping and for me to catch the train into Munich. 

I arrived in Munich at around lunchtime and did a bit of sight-seeing. There are trams, trains and buses all over the place, but I preferred to walk my way around the city.

After getting lost, I managed to get to Marienplatz (the main city square) and had a bite to eat at a cafe there. Next I went to St Peter’s Church and climbed all 300 stairs to enjoy the view over Munich. Luckily it was a nice clear day so I got some good photos!

I didn’t get to enjoy the Munich night life as I had to prepare for a very early (3am!) start on Friday and a long day of travel ahead of me!

There was a Southerly wind blowing dust from the Sahara – all the cars were filthy!


There was a Southerly wind blowing dust from the Sahara – all the cars were filthy!








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