Today was our second last day together as a tour group which was quite sad! I met so many wonderful people, who I hope I can see again sometime.

The weather wasn’t very nice this morning which was quite a shame, as a city bike tour had been arranged. I was planning on doing it however when the wind and rain picked up I decided not to – getting soaking wet and cold would probably make me sick, and I have managed to stay well despite so many of those on the trip having colds, coughs etc.

A group of us who chose not to do the bike tour spent the morning walking around the city and taking in its beauty.

The people of Amsterdam all spoke very good English, probably clearer than any city we had been through yet. I was told by a local that it is compulsory for children to learn German, French and English in school!

We walked to Anne Frank’s house, but as there were about 200 people queued up we didn’t go in. We saw a few other icons of Amsterdam then had lunch. Some of the girls had a massage but I caught the train back to our hotel to get changed for dinner.

Our final ‘goodbye dinner’ was at a floating Chinese restaurant. The food was great! At dinner our Tour Leader (Barry a.k.a. Baz) and our driver (Damien a.k.a. Damo) were presented with cards and occupation specific beer steins purchased in the Rhine Valley. They both seemed quite stoked and Baz said it was the nicest thing anyone has ever done for him!

After dinner we went on a cruise of the canals on our own private boat for an hour, then disembarked near a bar called The Waterhole. The night was a bit of a blur from then on, but a lot of fun was had by all.

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