The sky was completely clear this morning which gave us a good view of the valley in which we were staying. Driving to Venice was really enjoyable. We passed through a lot of mountain ranges that had gorgeous creeks and waterfalls. The Swiss sure like their tunnels. We passed through the Gotthardtunnel, which is 17 km – the longest road tunnel in Europe. We crossed into Italy at exactly midday, in the pouring rain. Interestingly they were not interested in checking our passports which was sort of a disappointment – I wanted a stamp! We arrived at our accommodation, which is about twenty minutes out of Venice, late in the afternoon. It is very impractical for a tour group of 42 to stay in the city due to how difficult it is to get around. On Tuesday morning we caught a shuttle bus to Tronchetta station, where we hopped on a people mover (unmanned train) to the main island. Walking through Venice was very interesting and nothing like I have seen before. Unfortunately the weather wasn’t the greatest and it was really cold!

We saw a Murano Glass blowing demonstration which was great! The glass that the master works on is apparently around 1, 800○C!



































After that demonstration we went to to the Venetian lace shop to see a demonstration there of lace making which was actually rather fascinating!

We had lunch at an amazing restaurant which was followed by shopping for bags, shoes and Venetian masks.

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