Our bus left this morning for Switzerland at 9am and boy was our timing perfect. It was raining very heavily and didn’t stop until we were in the alps.

The drive was very long, but we stopped every 2 hours which really helped time pass.

Driving through the mountain ranges was phenomenal.  The entire horizon was filled with snow capped mountains. Switzerland is a very neutral country.

Our tour guide (Barry aka Baz)  is very knowledgeable and explained a lot about Switzerland. 60% of the country is made up of mountains which, after driving through it, is definitely believable!

The Swiss are allegedly paranoid about being invaded and have aircraft bunkers scattered around the place which are covered in grass and blend in. Apparently the tunnels are all curved for one reason or another!

The Swiss are very famous for their Swiss Army Knives and watch.

After our wonderful driver (Damien aka Damo) navigated through the windy roads, we arrived at our camp site at around 6.30. Dinner was served in the camp bar. We had fondue for starters which was delicious! Another Top Deck tour group was at the camp and we had a fun and very late night together!

Lauterbrunnen is possibly the most beautiful place on earth. This morning we woke up to heavy snow, which had been falling all night and left a nice layer of powder on the ground. The camp is self sufficient and has a laundry, bathroom blocks and a bar in which of also eat our meals.

Today the weather wasn’t really very good for things like sky diving and travelling up Jungfrau, so I stayed in the town with some friends and went for a long walk then had lunch. It was a great day!

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