Transit – Osaka to Gold Coast

On the morning of 10th February I took myself off for my final breakfast in Japan, at a lovely little French bakery under Fukushima subway station.

Following this I slowly made my way back to the hostel, where I packed up and checked out.

My train journey to Kansai airport took an hour, so I had a good few hours to spend looking at all the shops. I excel in the specialisation of shopping and had well and truly already pushed my limits in respect to the baggage allowance. By this stage I had arranged my bags in such a way that I had the allowed baggage, plus a few additional items (e.g. my snow boots and camera) strapped onto the outside of my pack. FYI – that worked and I must have smiled nicely, as I was not charged anything for the additional 200g in my checked luggage!

Time slowly passed at the airport and it was soon time to board my flight. I had a wonderful time in Japan but was ready to make my way back to Australia.

The flight was great, although at first I was slightly concerned by the fact I was in one of the two seats at the very back of the plane. It turned out to work well, as I didn’t need to crawl over anyone, or have anyone crawl over me in order to get out of the seats (there were only two in the centre aisle in the back row). I slept for a few hours but was woken around 2am by the most ridiculously intense turbulence I have ever encountered, as we passed through storms over Guam. I must have still been half asleep, as this morning I was describing the turbulence as ‘exciting’…!


 We landed around 6:30am at the Gold Coast, after flying past a beautiful sunrise on our descent.


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