Osaka – 8th February

Today I was up bright and early to see the aquarium! I walked to Umeda subway as it’s more central and I wouldn’t need to change lines.

I approached the information area and requested the combination ticket, only to be told the aquarium is closed until March! I was rather annoyed at this stage, but simply took myself to one of the other many tourist attractions, Osaka Castle.

It was incredibly cold today, with a high of 4°C. I don’t know if it even reached that. In my numerous layers of clothing, I was bitterly cold (but happy about the weather regardless – it was snowing ever so lightly!)

Osaka Castle is truly magnificent from the outside; however the inside has been completely restored and is now a museum. Whilst very interesting, I was slightly disappointed as I had hoped some of the older construction of the interior had been kept as they were back in the day.

Namba was my next stop, where I did a little bit of shopping! It was quite like Shinsaibashi.

I spoke to the ladies at the hostel reception and they were confused about the aquarium situation. They phoned the aquarium; turns out I was given the incorrect information as they were open today. I will go tomorrow – third time lucky, I hope!

Tonight there was an international party at the hostel – there are quite a few guests so it was a lot of fun! Most of the people here are Australian and Japanese.


Osaka Castle

Osaka Castle was originally built in 1583 by the order of Hideyoshi Toyotomi, however the castle suffered several destructions throughout its history.  The current Osaka Castle was built in 1931 with the external appearance of the castle built by Hideyoshi Toyotomi. In 1997 the Japanese Government designated the main tower as a Registered Tangible Cultural Property.



Umeda Sky Building
Front door of Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle
Kinmeisui Well at Osaka Castle
Osaka Castle
Dog accessory store
Unusual !
Osaka Castle

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