7th February – Kyoto to Osaka

Today is the day I do my final transit between two Japanese cities before I am homeward bound!

Sadly, my JR pass expired yesterday, so I can no longer take any ‘free’ joyrides on the Shinkansen (or any other JR line train). I therefore caught an everyday regular commuters train to Osaka, which took no longer than 40 minutes (FYI the Shinkansen Nozomi would have taken 13 minutes). A quick platform change and I was headed to Fukushima, the ward where the hostel I am staying at is located.


The J-Hoppers Hostel in Osaka is just as easy to find as the others. It is also just as lovely!


I decided I would head off to ‘The World’s Largest’ Aquarium; however when I tried to purchase the subway/aquarium combination ticket I was told the aquarium was closed but would be open tomorrow.


Not to be disheartened by the change in my plans, I caught a train to Shinsaibashi, which is a major shopping street. It was very overwhelming, but a lot of fun.


I had dinner in Fukushima, in an Italian restaurant. Bellisimo!
The ‘women only’ carriage on the train, so us ladies can avoid bottom pinchers (!!) in peak hour.
Pachinko Slot machines. These game rooms are everywhere!
There are so many ladies with babies strapped onto their front; most bigger than their delicate mothers,’
Daimaru, an expensive department store.
Doggie prams!!
Apparently people actually buy these…

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