Kyoto – 5th January

Today l caught a train to a quaint town on the West coast of Japan called Kinosaki.
By train, the return trip took around 5 hours, but was well worth it.
The town is not particularly large – it is known for its onsens (hot springs) and beauty.
I purchased a pass which allowed me access, on that day, to any and all 6 of the bathing houses. I visited three: Satonoyu Bath, Jizouyu Bath and Ichinoyu Bath. The last one was my favourite, as it was the hottest and had an outdoor cave area, which was very picturesque.
I was the only Westerner at the Onsens, which was a bit strange! All the Japanese ladies thought it was funny the way my face went so red after being in the hot water. Their skin doesn’t redden at all in the heat!
Natural Spring water for drinking (it wasn’t very nice!)
Kyoto Tower, next to the train station
 View from the train.
Today’s mode of transport
Today’s mode of transport
Puppy in a bag! (Funny that the first person I see with a dog in a bag is a man!)
Kyoto train station at night
Entrance to Satonoyu Bath, Kinosaki
Picture from the train

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