3rd February – Hiroshima to Kyoto

Bye Hiroshima!
I checked out of the lovely Hana Hostel this morning and caught a Shinkansen to Kyoto. The journey of approx. 360 km took just over 2 hours. There were two parts to the journey: Hiroshima to Shin-Kobe and Shin-Kobe to Kyoto. All of the Shinkansen are in great condition, however some are definitely more luxurious than others! (see photo).
The hostel in which l am staying was an easy ten minute walk from Kyoto station. I was slightly early, so left my luggage and caught a bus downtown.

l walked through some markets and saw some very bizarre looking food! As I am not particularly adventurous with food (especially when its’ identity cannot be determined) l set out to find somewhere to eat. l found a lovely creperie and had a yummy avocado salad (on a crepe!)
My return journey was around about 4km and as I did not particularly enjoy the bus ride in (seriously crowded!) l decided to walk back. Interestingly, it seems to me that the Japanese do not like to walk long distances. l found this in Hiroshima, also. In order to ensure I was walking in the right direction, l stopped a young man and asked for help. He was adamant that the hostel was ‘too far’ and suggested I take the subway. l thanked him but kept walking, hoping I was on the right track! I would definitely recommend a compass to anyone coming to Japan!
I walked through a different part of Kyoto station to that which I arrived at… boy is it big!
When I returned to the hostel, my bag was waiting for me in my room. Since there are five steep, long and narrow flights of stairs, I was supremely happy about this!
l set up my bed and lay down, only to wake up 4 hours later. l slept through dinner (l was going to attend a sushi party) so grabbed some food at the Lawson (convenience store) nearby. Edamame has become my new favourite food!
Drug store
Meet ‘Sakura’
Shinkansen  ‘Sakura’ 
Kyoto station
I saw this walking through the streets of Kyoto. It was in someone’s garage.
l would be terrified if I had to look at this creepy bear every time I parked my car!
Food markets
Sign going into a department store.
Food markets. I have no idea of what this is.
Shinkansen tickets
My room in Kyoto.

8 thoughts on “3rd February – Hiroshima to Kyoto

  1. Ahhh, you have made me miss Kyoto so much!!

    The funny bear is called a Tanuki – a kind of Raccoon. If you keep an eye out you will see that most houses have one somewhere out front! They are meant to bring good luck, but I have one outside my front door and haven't won the lotto or anything (… yet. Surely just a matter of time).

    It looks like you are having a great time, I'm really pleased (and jealous, but mostly pleased)



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