Hiroshima – 2nd February

This morning I took myself off to Hiroshima station, with the intention of getting a Shinkansen (bullet train) to Onomichi around 10am. Onomichi is in the Hiroshima prefecture and is about 85km away.
Unfortunately I missed the train and had to wait until 11:20. This wasn’t too bad, as there is a major department store ‘Asse’ attached to the station.
The Shinkansen ride was a lot of fun. It is unbelievable how fast those trains can go!
My first three hours in Onomichi were spent walking… I had (rather inconveniently) not realised that the station referred to on my map was the general station, not shinkansen. I am generally quite good with directions and finding my way around. Today I was lost. Funnily enough, all Japanese street signs are in Japanese! Also, in Onomichi, no one spoke English! All was okay in the end, as I got about a week’s worth of exercise in only a few hours and then found Central Onomichi.
The town has a small ropeway which takes you to the top of a huge hill, amongst a dozen or more temples. I looked at a few, but apart from their obvious outer beauty, I couldn’t appreciate them as there were no English signs. l do not think that Onomichi has many English speaking visitors!
I wasn’t particularly concerned, as tomorrow I am going to the city of temples – Kyoto.

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