Niseko – 29th January

This morning l got up bright and early for my last day of skiing.


On my first night of skiing I was taken up the Ace Quad Lift to do what we call the ‘quad’ run. I had only just found my ski legs again and found it to be a very scary experience!



Today I conquered the run on my own and l didn’t fall over once! It was a very proud moment for me! Next time I will have to ‘level up’ a bit faster!


I went for a walk in the afternoon saying my last goodbyes!


Dinner was at a lovely Japanese restaurant, which was quite fitting for our final night at the snow.



Returning my skis and boots was quite sad, but a quick stop at J-Sekka for a final hot chocolate cheered me up.



Tomorrow is going to be a long day of travelling. l am looking forward to the next leg of this journey!

A bit windy!

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