30th January – transit from Niseko to Hiroshima

This morning was another early start, this time to commence the next leg of my travels.
The bus from Niseko to Sapporo left at 9:00 and arrived at the airport around 11:30. The scenery on that journey was truly exquisite. It started snowing quite heavily 5 minutes in, which was nice but also made me sad to be leaving the ski slopes. It was also a little terrifying driving through a blizzard!
My 13:25 fight to Hiroshima was delayed (unheard of in Japan) by 20 minutes. We arrived at Hiroshima in good time and l managed to jump on a bus to the city just as it was leaving.
l arrived at the hostel at 18:00, with the assistance of two lovely Japanese businessmen who walked me and even pushed my bag for me, all the way from the Shinkansen JR Station.


The girl on reception ‘Tomoko’  suggested that I try ‘Shanti’s Vegan Cafe’ for dinner. The cafe was about a forty minute walk and some very confusing alleys away, but worth it! For ¥11,000 (around $13) I had a feast of vegan quiche, hamburger patties, pumpkin croquette, salad, rice and veggie soup! 



I took a streetcar (tram) part of the way back as I was quite tired, then walked the rest.




The hostel had Sake tasting in the common room tonight, so I stopped there for a while and met some great people.
The plane finally arrived for our delayed departure!
My last breakfast by the window : (

Final view of The Vale


Icicles on the Welcome Centre in Niseko


Fir trees


Heavy snow driving to New Chitose


New Chitose airport from above


J-class = first class with plenty of leg room!


Flying over Japan
Clever solution for lack of garage space 


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