Niseko – 28th January

This morning I got up early for a ski and did the Kogen and Boyo runs. l feel I am getting much better at skiing, I just need more practice!


l caught a bus into Kutchan at around 10:30 as my ‘point and shoot’ Nikon camera had a few too many drops (or perhaps something happened to it when I was out the night before?) and needed to be replaced. l went to an electrical store (K’s Denki) and the salesman did not leave my side. He was unbelievably helpful, even changing the menus to English for me to use!



An important note that people travelling in snow should remember: do not sit down if you are not 100% certain that the snow is hard. I did this at the bus stop in Kutchan (on a main road) and ended up sitting on very hard ground, buried in snow. I was quite cold, with snow up my jacket and down my jeans! Super embarrassing!



I spent the evening with Jackie and Immy in the condo, overlooking the beautiful ski slopes.


Mt Yotei
Family ski lift
Kutchan bus stop
New camera- amazing quality and zoom
River in Kutchan
Family ski lift

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