Niseko – 27th January

Today l had breakfast at a quaint cafe nearby which was followed by a sauna at the resort.


It was Aunty Deb’s birthday, so we celebrated with a delicious strawberry custard tart. A lovely member of staff helped us out by collecting and delivering the tart, which was really sweet and especially useful, as I can’t imagine I would have been able to walk the few kilometres back in snow without falling over. A good tip is to never have anything in your hands when walking in snow/ice.

A group of Japanese people were performing on the drums outside the condo. It actually looked like very hard work!

l had dinner at a nearby restaurant and had tempura vegetables. Yum yum!


Afterwards I enjoyed a few drinks at J-Sekka which has a lovely feel to it. The bartender, Hamilton, made some really great cocktails! Tonight I had a Brandy Alexander and a ‘real’ hot chocolate.

A street in Niseko
A serious icicle.
Brandy Alexander

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