Niseko – 26th January

Happy AustraIia Day!

This morning l went for a solo ski down the Kogen and Boyo runs (in my yellow Aussie beanie). The runs were challenging and enjoyable, however the weather was quite dreadful with very heavy snow. On that note, skiing whilst it is snowing really is  a lot of fun. The scenery is very beautiful!

I had lunch at the condo then met up with my friends Luke and Jodie for drinks at Bigfoot. The bar was really built to suit the conditions, with a beautiful wooden interior and a fireplace. The three of us then went night skiing, then went back to Bigfoot to celebrate Australia Day by listening to the Triple J hottest 100.

It was a great day, spent with lots of Aussies!

Entering Bigfoot during the blizzard
A chap making an igloo
Aussie Day drink by the fire
A little bit chilly!
Outside the bedroom window

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