Niseko – 24th January

This morning I had a short ski which was a lot of fun. I managed to practice all that I learnt in my lesson and did it rather well!
I took a bus to Kutchan in the afternoon and it was FREEZING! So much so, that the water I bought from a vending machine froze after 5 minutes! Luckily I had also purchased a warm can of hot chocolate!

For dinner I went to a wonderful fondue restaurant with friends from my ski class. I had never had fondue before – it was amazing! The hostess explained to us that although Hokkaido has lovely cheese, it doesn’t melt well, so Swedish cheese (and wine) are used for the fondue. Our dinner was accompanied by snow chilled Moet!

After dinner we went to a delightful bar (with a log fireplace) and had some cocktails. The American bar attendant (Hamilton) was just gorgeous.


We walked past a bar called ‘Fridge Door

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