Niseko – 21st January

Today was my first day skiing in quite a long time, but I took to it like a duck to water.
That was until I did a run with the others in the evening. I have never been so terrified! The sad thing was, it was still classed as a beginner run. The fear really hits when you can see kilometres of downhill slopes ahead of you and you’re not sure that your legs will support you anymore! I managed to get to the bottom but don’t think l will be doing it again anytime soon. I think that tomorrow l will do the family runs again and become a pro at that! Then I will buy another lesson and hope l can ‘level up’ after that.
I had Indian for dinner tonight and it was AMAZING!

The road to Kutchen
Mt Yotei
View from the top of the family slope

The Vale, with Mt Yotei in the background.


So much snow everywhere!

Local supermarket

My room in Niseko! 

Main onsen

View from the condo balcony

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