Niseko – 20th January

Today we spent the whole day travelling to Niseko; boy was it worth it!
The flight from Tokyo to Sapporo was rather short (90 mins) but I passed the time chatting to a lovely chap (an architect from Perth) named Nick. It actually seemed like the entire plane was filled with Westerners! The flight was very exciting – we flew right past Mt Fuji and over the Japan Alps. The landing in Sapporo was unbelievable. Thankfully Nick (who had the window seat) was just as excited, so wasn’t too concerned by my behaviour. 

The runways are heated in Sapporo and there was snow EVERYWHERE. It really was quite phenomenal.
I had been told the 2.5 hour trip was the worst part of the journey; however I loved every minute of it. I sat at the front of the bus and was able to look out at the beautiful view. 

After one hour we stopped at a log cabin and I bought a coffee (in a can!) We arrived at our hotel, The Vale, around 6pm. There was time for a short trip to the Seicomart for essentials, then we headed out for dinner. I had the most delicious meal; vegetable tempura. It was very cold – it even snowed when we arrived!


Japan Alps
Log cabin
Sapporo Airport (New Chitose)
Mt Fuji
Mt Yotei

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