Tokyo – Shinjuku, Akanusa, Ginza, Aqua City, Shibuya, Roppongi


Today was a huge day, with not a single minute wasted.


We went for brekkie at Shinjuku Station (there were a lot of shops) at a small cafe/bakery, then we walked to a department store and looked at all of the different levels. There was a whole range of items, from specialty foods (rockmelons that cost the equivalent of AUD$60 each!) to top range clothing. We then caught a train and went to some markets which led to a temple in the Akanusa district called ‘Sensō-ji’. 


The temple was incredible. It was here that l experienced two new things: coffee in a can and a Japanese squat toilet… both very quirky! 


We then stopped off at Ginza and had lunch at the Lion Beer Hall, which is where Hitler once drank. Next was the Sony store which was about 6 storeys and very impressive!


After that we went to Cafe Paulista which is where John Lennon and Yoko Ono frequented. A quick coffee and then we were off again. Our next leg found us on a monorail across the Rainbow Bridge to Aqua City. Here there was a lot shops, some quite upmarket.


After that we caught two trains back to the hotel and had a short rest before heading off again.


Dinner was at a great sushi train / restaurant in Shibuya (near Shibuya crossing). It cost just over AUD $100 to feed six people plus two large drinks each! Afterwards we caught two trains to the Hard Rock Cafe in Roppongi.


It is cold! Today l wore thermals under my jeans as well as: a thermal singlet, a long sleeved thermal shirt, my normal shirt and a jumper! The temperature has been around 2 -5 degrees… apparently it is currently  -10 in Niseko!


John Lennon and Yoko Ono used to come here

Snow on footpath

Train station

No shortage of Hello Kitty merchandise!

Lion Beer Hall

Rainbow Bridge

Coffee/Tea Vending Machine






Cake in a gorgeous bakery






Rockmelon is very expensive – about AUD$65


Avocado sushi – yum!


Japanese toilet



Sony store


Entrance to a pet store/cat cafe



I have no idea what this is.




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